Save Geilston Gardens

The National Trust for Scotland indicated that Geilston House will never be open to the public and were considering options for its future use.

This decision may impact on the Garden and enabling development on parts of the garden and grounds has not been ruled out.

The NTS claims that Geilston has one of the lowest visitor numbers and that the Garden is not sustainable.

Geilston in 2016 was 46 out of 73 visitors to a Trust property.

Geilston attracts upward of 10,200 visting NTS members each year.   The majority of visits being covered by the annual subscription paid to NTS head office.  There is no redirect of funds back to the Gardens.

Miss Hendry left a considerable financial legacy to NTS, the EC Hendry Fund, now valued at £2.7M for the maintenance and development of Geilston.

The NTS have now moved this money into its general fund.

If you are concerned about the future of Geilston please write to:

Chairman of the Trustees; Sir Moir Lockhead OBE, The National Trust for Scotland, Hermiston Quay, 5 Cultins Road, Edinburgh, EH11 4DF

or email:

Thank you for showing your support.


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