November 2017 Update from Vice Chair

I am reporting in the absence of Chairperson Allison Hillis who is down under to welcome a grandchild into the world and is taking a well deserved holiday

Following the Inaugural Meeting of the Friends I am pleased to welcome new members onto the committee, allowing us to share the load as well as do more work to raise the profile of the garden and to campaign for Geilston.

At the end of October we held our first meeting with representatives of the National Trust for Scotland to look at options for the future of the house and initiatives that might enhance the income of the garden. Further meetings are to take place monthly as we work through the process.

Membership of Friends of Geilston now stands close to 450, an astonishing number that indicates both local support for the garden and the concerns for its future. Thank you to everyone who has signed up and to those who are thinking of joining us, please do so by clicking “Contact Us” on the website or Facebook Page.

Michael Thornley

Vice Chair

22nd November 2017


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