We hope you will keep supporting the Friends of Geilston committee as we continue the fight to save Geilston.

We have recently received the draft Economic Assessment report from EKOS and will be giving feedback to this at the next meeting with them which will be within the next 7 – 10 days. The final copy will then be produced and sent to the NTS Trustees. They will be making a decision about Geilston’s future based on this report when they next meet. We will be putting our own case forward in a letter to the Trustees which will follow the receipt of the Economic Assessment. I’m sorry not to be able to give you more definite dates but we don’t yet know when the report will be submitted or when the Trustees will be meeting.  In the meantime, we hope you will sign the Parliamentary Petition. Fiona has already sent you the link for this. If you cannot sign the petition online, Ardardan and the Cardross Post Office have agreed to take a form for you to sign in their shops. This will be available for signing from Monday the 20th of May.

One of the most ambitious and intriguing events that the NTS are running at Geilston this Year is the Walking Theatre Company’s Adaption of Macbeth on the 1st June. It’s a promenade performance through the woods. Sounds like an unforgettable evening’s entertainment! For such a new type of event the NTS publicity has been very low key. Take up numbers are low. The NTS could very well draw the conclusion that there is no interest for such events at Geilston. They have asked that we publicise it to our FoG members.

If you would like to find out more, here are links to the NTS website and the Walking Theatre’s website. Please support it if you can – we need 30-40 people attending to make it viable.

NTS website for details of the play and ticket prices etc.

Theatre company website


With Very Best Wishes

Allison Hillis
Friends of Geilston Chair

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